Expensive holes and a lot of mess…

(I wanted to use ‘talking bore holes – but I don’t mean my husband’ as the title of this post but wasn’t sure anyone but me would find it funny…*falls off chair laughing* )


Things are less frugal now than they used to be.

Since we moved we have definitely relaxed on the spending front. That was ok for some things like logs for the wood burner which runs the central heating, a second car so I wasn’t stranded on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere when Mr B went to London and getting bits and pieces like a lawn mower and strimmer to combat the jungle-like stinging nettles that thrive here. Things like that got filed under ‘stuff we didn’t need before but do now’ and put down to the expense of moving. But now eight months on and having settled in really well we need to haul back the spending. Not that we are blowing the budget and living the high life (whatever that is) but a rediscovery of how we were living in the year or so before the move is needed. Problem is, we don’t seem to be able to have a ‘normal’ month where there are no extra expensive expenses to cover, so our current mantra is – ‘next month we must stop spending’.

To give you an example, we have just had a bore hole drilled. Sounds painful doesn’t it (the invoice will be). To those unfamiliar with rural water supplies (me, eight months ago) this is a deeeeep hole drilled in the ground which finds an underground water source. Loads of houses we looked at had one rather than mains wate; I had never heard of such a thing before. Our house has one already but we needed another one as it is apparently old and shallow (and full of e coli but we don’t talk about that) and we share it with the cows next door. If we want to go ahead with any form of glamping/holiday house conversion we would be making the cows thirsty. The following is an extract from the scientific discussion we had with the water company to work out the best possible place to site the bore hole to guarantee us a reliable water supply:

Water survey which we had sensibly done: ‘Yeah we’re pretty sure there might potentially be water round here somewhere’

Us: ‘er great. So where is the best place to drill the hole?’

Water company: ‘Well, where d’you want it?’

Us: ‘Oh er, over there would be good I suppose’

Water company: ‘Cool.’ *starts drilling*

Us: ‘So umm.. is that a good place? You can tell that there’s water down there in that exact place I just pointed at?’

Water bloke: ‘did you have a survey done?

Us: ‘yes….’

Water Bloke: ‘oh yeah, then I’m fairly sure there’s water here possibly somewhere’

Three days later

Water bloke: ‘yay water!’

Us: ‘thank goodness’ 

Water bloke: ‘lets hope its not saline!’

Us: *faints*

Spot the three year old in a puddle – he found water

At 72 meters down they found water. And another water bloke has literally (actually) just turned up to take a sample away for testing. I opened the door to him, Hi he said. Hello, I said. From Morgans he said. Pause as I stare at him blankly. About the bore hole? He said. Ohhh right, yes of course I said. *facepalm*

Dust….not known to be wet

If they didn’t find water we would have been left with an expensive hole in the ground and a lot of mess from the drilling. Since they did find water we now have a very expensive hole in the ground and a lot of mess from the drilling. But at least we know we can now (as long as it’s not saline) start planning for the glamping site we’d like to create in our field. That is quite an exciting prospect as we have been deliberately not thinking about it since the borehole survey came back 100% almost certain of maybe finding water.

Expensive mess

The mess is getting more expensive

Water! Shame it wasn’t oil really

Fingers crossed it’s not saline…

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