The Results are In! Bore Hole Verdict

Well, I thought you all deserve an update on how the borehole and water situation was developing. I’m sure the suspense over whether or not the water is drinkable has been bothering you since the last post, so I shall put you out of your misery.

We have water! Which tastes nice! And is not poisonous or salty! Hurrah.

The water people have been very busy bees over the last few weeks and the mess which was this:

Muddy mess

Now looks like this:

Not as much mess!

There are all sorts of high tech pumps and filters inside the shed looking very shiny and business like. However there is no electricity running to it yet so it is all essentially useless. We are currently exploring a solar panel option, so if anybody happens to know anything about them please make yourself known, we need some help!

Now that this is done and we have an alternative water source Mr B and I have run out of excuses. We can now allow ourselves to think about and actually plan the small glamping site we want to create in our field. Before the borehole saga we didn’t want to jinx anything that might put a stop to it, as buying a house with a bit of land on which to start a glamping site is one of the main justifications and reasons behind moving to the back of Shropshire’s beyond. While we have put a tick in the box marked water, the next major hurdle is the dreaded planning permission *shudders* I find this terrifying. We now have to get a wiggle on and get our application in soon which also means writing business plans. Basically by writing this blog post I am just procrastinating. I should be writing Marketing Strategies and Executive Summaries but this is much more fun (and less of a headache).

Once the application is in Mr B says we need to start buying bell tents and fire pits and whatnot. The thought of spending significant amounts of money towards something that could still get poo-pooed by the Planning Permission People fills me with horror. He is probably right though. I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this or not but I am not much of a risk taker. I am much better at the saving money part of things than the spending money on the things we were saving for in the first place, bit.

On that note here’s a list of some of the more non-frugal things we have done recently:

Brought a Labrador puppy. She costs more to insure than the car and has also cost us a lot in chicken wire as the garden is now wrapped in a six foot barrier of the stuff. She is an escape artist extraordinaire and anywhere she can push through or jump over has had to be barricaded. She’s cute though.

Brought chickens with the aim of getting ‘free’ eggs. With the initial out lay of chicken stuff (coop, wire, feed, actual birds etc), at one point the eggs were worth about £63 for a box of six. Just remember that if you ever receive a box of eggs from us. On the plus side they are now down to about £10 a box so we are getting there!

Chicken invasion

Bees. Similar to the chicken situation. Probably the most expensive jar of honey in Shropshire. But amazingly Mr B’s honey actually sold out on a honey stall at the Ludlow Food Festival over the summer! Well done bees for paying your way.


Finally, I bought a giant inflatable kiwi slice in Aldi over the summer. They totally saw me coming. A few days before our holiday in the Dordogne, I walked in and thought what everybody must think when confronted with a blow up piece of Kiwi, ‘Yes, that is exactly what I need!’.

It was totally worth it.

This article was originally posted on in November 2018.

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