Flu (or whatever this is) is pants.

I have been completely knocked out by an unexpected bout of flu this week. I was minding my own business and having a lovely weekend, then bam – high temp, shakes, shivers, aches and pains. I was in bed all day on Monday and spiced Tuesday up with a visit to the sofa. It was pants.

It put a lot of things into perspective. The only reason that I was able to succumb completely and recover in bed was that Mr B was here and able to do breakfasts, school runs, Rainbows, food shopping, go to drama shows, do bedtimes, and let the chickens out, feed the pigs (and the children), retrieve the escaped pony and medicate the dog (and clean up after her…she’s ill too, I am not sad I missed most of that!).

Both of us realised just how much we rely upon the other and how demanding it is having the responsibilities of our own children and animal welfare to consider. I am so glad that I chose a week where Mr B was actually at home (working obvs). He has been away for several days in a row to glitzy places like London and Amsterdam a lot recently and I have felt the strain of managing not only the kids but all the animals too. The workload is not the problem, but knowing that I am solely responsible for everyone’s happiness and health on top of this hill can be hard. When that responsibility is shared it is a lot more enjoyable.

It was a lovely sunny day today, but with a chilly wind. My goodness was I feeling that chill! Hence the trendy and practical wearing-my-own-hair-as-a-scarf look. It is frustrating as I am now behind in the veg plot and on my greenhouse project that I am working on (as well as housework but we won’t mention that). But the sun is shining and it is spring and the piggies are cute so things are all good really. I am very thankful Mr B is here to share it all with me and to pick up my half of the reins when I abandon them so dramatically.

Now begins the constant forehead checking of children to see if they are going to get it just in time for the holidays….


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